About us: La Nostra Storia

Welcome to Cafe Gran Milan,

A high-end artisan bakery, Cafe and catering service located at 5327 Jacuzzi St in Richmond, CA.

Rufo and Ivo are the founders and master bakers at Cafe Gran Milan, who create traditional and unconventional Italian pastries, breads, and savory foods (which of course includes pizza), and Italian coffee. After meeting in the 1990’s, a friendship developed and later, combing their culinary talents, developed the idea of Cafe Gran Milan. Thus, they set their sight on giving the U.S. the heart of Italy. When working together in the Cafe Gran Milan Lab (also known as the kitchen), dusted in flour and powdered sugar, you can see Rufo making extraordinary breads, and Ivo crafting the best artisan desserts. This is their first store in the U.S., which has been getting buzz throughout the Bay Area.

Cafe Gran Milan will be the primary Bakery Lab in which Rufo and Ivo will continue to create the most remarkable pastries in the world.

Come in, say Ciao, and experience the magic of Italy.