Catering Menu

For Info and Orders please call:   (510) 984-0679                             Email:

See the Gallery below

Special party Pizza is a meter-long (about 4 ft)

-Meter Pizza with 2 different toppings of your choice 48$

-Meter Pizza cheese 45$


Savory Morning Platter – 48h order in advance

Baker’s choice of assorted savory items or you can pick up from the list here:

Breakfast Bun – Bacon, one egg, provolone, green salad, fresh tomato

Ham and Cheese Brioche – Ham & provolone in a Croissant

Breakfast Sandwich – Ham or turkey, two eggs, fresh mozzarella, roasted red pepper or tomato on artisan milk bread

Savory Brioche – Salami or ham, fresh mozzarella, green salad, fresh tomato

Spinach Strudel –  Spinach and ricotta cheese

Quiche Loren: Veggie or Bacon&Eggs


Sweet Pastry Plater – order 48h in advance

Baker’s choice of assorted Sweet items or you pick your favorite:

Fresh Baked Pastries,  Croissant Plain, Croissant with Filling, Beignet, Cannoncini,  Puff Pastry, Cannoli, Mini Tart  Fruit Tart, Bomboloni (filled doughnuts), Muffins, Sfogliatella   

  • We can prepare different sizes of almost all our Menu items, that will fit your budget.
  • Delivery is currently unavailable.
  • Orders for party/meetings for more than 8 people need to be placed 48h before the event. We are artisans and our breads levitation needs time. This is the only way we can keep providing you fresh, daily baked traditional  specialties and use the  local produce.

Send an email or call us for details and an estimate. Thank you